Calling all Fox Terrier Lovers and Owners

We are looking for fun pics of Fox terriers -  If you have fun pics of your Fox Terrier (Rescue or Not) - please email them to Lesley(please send jpg with a brief description) Thank you. 

Rufus adopted in 2011......Sailing.



Teddy resting after destroying bread wrappings from the waste bin!




This is a photo of Dasher who died  2 years ago. She was a great character. Juno is now looking for another foxie companion.......


This is Archie. A cat walked in stayed and now they are the best of friends.


   Molly giving her favorite dog toy a ride! 


This is Lulu who enjoys catching up with her Facebook             Teddy rehomed by Steve and his Dad.

friends. She has stolen the hearts of her 

family who love her to bits......and she knows it. 


Jinty showing off her life jacket on our recent boating holiday

The future is so bright, I need to wear shades...Fabulous Freddie

Furry fireguards!  Jinty and pal in front of the fire...

Another medal winning member of Team GB - Go Archie!

 Alfie is very obedient - he was told 'No paws on the settee!'

There is no more room on the couch - we suggest you sit on the floor... 

 Here is one I froze earlier! (Our boy Bob!)

Is it morning yet? 

Enjoying the Jubilee Celebrations 
OK There is no caption for this - but How CUTE!

Jessie enjoying a swim in the sea
Paddy stealing the bed when his owner takes a shower


Freckles - well known broadcaster and newshound!


Betty enjoying the finer things in life

Intrepid explorers in the Peak District
(Why do Fox Terriers always have to make it to the top before you?)
Watching Katie find her ball!

Cassie, do you need a paw at getting in? 

Too many bubbles for our bath.


Jack and Charlie - brothers - when they are being friends!


Sisters doing it for themselves!


Bella - hanging out at home...


Bobbi vs. the sprinkler


A fox terrier and his boy...


Snow Boots!



Nobody move or the chilli gets it!

The infamous Christmas Day Massacre...

Happiness is cuddling with a friend


The moment his owners decided to make Bailey wear shorts when Grandma came to visit


Tell me another joke!

Looks like water , can't say much for the taste!

Are we there yet?


A wolf in sheeps clothing?


And here are a few I de-squeaked earlier...


Is the bunny getting a bath or are we switching to the Raw Food Diet?

Harry, Smooth Fox Terrier crossing the Alpine Pass


Alfie - the square eyed Fox Terrier!

Like my new slippers?

Santa Claws



Go on let me have the biscuit

and I will let you brush me!

The static electricity in this place is terrible!




"Hi my name is Flossie and I'm a babe"



You have a cuppa ,SO I KNOW YOU HAVE A BISCUIT !!


Woody and Mr. Rabbit  somewhere on the M4 - keep your eyes on the road!

(Please note that the photo was not taken by the driver!)